• Freight Transportation companies only require their home jurisdiction safety fitness certificate.
  • There are no authorities for frieght carriers but busses stil require authority.
  • Quebec requires a registry application.
  • British Columbia requires an insurance filing.

United States

  • Federal Highway Administration authority is required to haul any manufactured products or commodities that are not on the exempt list.

Process Agents

  • Canada and USA

Fuel Tax Reporting (I.F.T.A.)

As a carrier, your fuel tax report has to be submitted within 30 days of the calendar quarters. The report must be filed with the IFTA and our services help you meet these goals.

You are also required to get a H.U.T. sticker for New York, KYU number for Kentucky, and road use tax for New Mexico and Oregon.

D.O.T. Compliance Regulations

This is done by refferal only.

  • Total Management Program
  • Safety Compliance
  • Group Training for Regulations